What to Pack For Your Birth

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One of the most common topics we discuss with the families who hire us is what to pack for your birth. The decision about what to pack for your birth is a common focus as your due date approaches.  Not … Read More

How Do I Decide What Is Best For My Baby?

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I once read an article that said that the average person makes almost 35,000 decisions a day. Shocking, right? What isn’t shocking is knowing that there are so many factors that influence our daily decisions. So many factors that there … Read More

Tasty Tuesday – Dairy-Free Pregnancy – Thanksgiving Foods

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I wanted to kick this series off with one of the big things I’m thankful for in my life as the holidays approach, dairy-free food options! Especially for those of us who try to navigate a dairy-free pregnancy! As a … Read More

The ABC’s of Life With Your Newborn – Diapers

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When it comes to diapering your new baby, you have a few options. The two options that are most common are disposable and cloth diapers. It’s a matter of personal preference which diaper is best. The answer will also depend … Read More

The ABC’s of Life With Your Newborn – Colic

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My baby won’t stop fussing and crying. Could it be colic? Babies who cry more than 3 hours per day, 3 days or more per week, for at least three weeks are typically diagnosed with colic. The symptoms can begin … Read More

Should I Take A Childbirth Class?

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Your family is growing! During early pregnancy, taking a childbirth class may not be on the top of your “must do” list. However, as your due date grows closer you may start to feel the pull of more information, options … Read More

Red Flags After Birth: Should I Call My Doctor?

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So you’ve given birth to your beautiful baby and now begins your recovery. As your body works hard to resume its pre-pregnancy state you may wonder if what you are experiencing is normal. You’re not alone. Let’s take a look … Read More

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