The Snoo: A Postpartum Doula’s Review

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As a postpartum doula, I have the opportunity to see what people are buying or receiving as gifts for their new babies—everything from newborn care needs, clothing, toys, convenience-based equipment, and many products in between.

However, the one that never ceases to excite me is the Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet.

The Snoo is a sleek bassinet that utilizes sound and motion to soothe babies into a peaceful slumber. The Snoo was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” The methods taught in his book enable parents to calm their crying and fussy babies by utilizing what is known as the 5 S’s, which are:

  • Swaddling 
  • Side or Stomach
  • Shushing 
  • Swaying or Swinging 
  • Sucking

The Snoo uses a mix of the 5 S’s to comfort your baby and help them fall asleep. 

This bassinet is the ultimate helping hand. 

It has a soft swaddle attached to the bassinet to keep your baby secure at all times. If the baby fusses or cries, the Snoo will activate, playing soothing sounds and motion to rock the baby to sleep. If the baby cries harder or louder, it will increase the sound volume and the speed of the rocking through several levels.

Our postpartum clients often share the same sentiments about the Snoo.

  • “My baby sleeps so well now!” 
  • “My baby went back to sleep in no time.” 
  • “The Snoo is helping me feel more confident as a parent.”

It’s no secret that this is a big-ticket item for most people. But the real question is, “Will it work?!” The Snoo is meant for use with babies between newborn to 6 months old. It can be hard to justify the $1500 price tag for what seems like a short-term use. The good news? Rental options are available.

As a postpartum doula, I see firsthand how important sleep is. Not just for the baby, but the parents as well.

Sleep is essential to brain function and growth.

It helps regulate our heart rate and our breathing. Sleep gives the body a chance to reset for the next day and all of the tasks we will ask it to do. 

Sleep deprivation impairs the body and brain’s ability to function at the level required to take care of oneself or another person properly. For babies, getting good sleep can help them with their daily development and ability to self-soothe. Quality sleep enables babies to feed more efficiently and improves their temperament.

We wouldn’t ask someone to work a full-time job with no sleep. But many parents of newborns do this and more every single day. 

Did you use the Snoo? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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