Pregnancy: Love it or leave it?

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There seem to be two camps when it comes to pregnancy: those who love it and those who would prefer to leave it.

As doulas, we know how people feel about pregnancy exists on a spectrum. For many, how they think about pregnancy can shift as the weeks and months pass.

Some clients have uncomplicated pregnancies. Little to no morning sickness in the first trimester. Few aches and pains. They cherish the changes in their growing bodies. There is much excitement and anticipation about those first flutters and kicks. They often tell us they could do “this” again and again. 

But other clients are not so enamored with pregnancy.

Some suffer from morning sickness, or worse, hyperemesis gravidarum. Others feel many or most of the aches and pains that shifting hormones bring. Then we have those who struggle with their shifting sense of identity. Or those who struggle with the bodily changes that come with growing a tiny human. For some, it’s a delicate process navigating all the potential triggers that can come with these normal physical changes. 

As doulas, we know that all of these emotions are normal.

We often help clients process or reframe how they feel about the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy often brings. Our role is to listen and to validate. We offer resources when needed, and we normalize that there isn’t anyone way someone should feel about pregnancy. 

It’s perfectly ok to love being pregnant. It’s equally acceptable to see pregnancy as a means to an end. As your doulas, our goal is to validate how you feel about your pregnancy, your changing body, and how this process influences your emotions.

We are that listening ear. That affirming voice. That source of validation. Our support comes without judgment or bias. We are here to support your journey—every step of the way.

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