Angela Horn – Tucson Doulas Founder

Angela is an industry expert whose knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is called upon repeatedly for birth work curriculum writing. She has penned childbirth education courses, infant feeding programs, and various resources for colleagues and organizations in the birth industry.

Tucson Arizona is her home, and it’s where more than 400 families have personally benefitted from her expertise in the birth room, in childbirth classes, and her role as a breastfeeding counselor and infant feeding specialist.

As you can see from Angela’s resume below, she prioritizes continued learning and knows the importance of staying current on the recommendations as set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).

Angela, lovingly known as the “Research Queen of the Birth Industry” has made building community relationships a top priority.

Over the years, Angela has cultivated a positive perception of doulas in Tucson and beyond and prides herself on having earned the trust and respect of local doctors, midwives, nurses, and hospital administrators. She knows that those relationships benefit her clients and maintaining them is of the utmost importance to her.

She has a soft spot in her heart for families during the postpartum period. Because of the viciousness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in her own life, Angela has a personal dedication to ensuring that Tucson families have the best possible unbiased, nonjudgmental, supportive doulas available to them as they navigate the intricacies of adjusting to early parenting.

Angela’s 21-year career in the doula industry contributes to the insight that sets her and Tucson Doulas apart.

She is intuitive, forward-thinking, and has the innate ability to process new information. Even when it challenges old ideas. For these reasons and so many others, you want Angela Horn and her hand-picked team at Tucson Doulas in your birth and early parenting corner.

Angela has spent the past 25 years married to Gil, raising their two daughters and lovingly caring for her grandmother, Dot. When she is not wrapped around a client or actively engaged in birth research, you can find her Facebooking her two cats, Luna and Winky, or video recording Tashi, her pet tortoise in its “natural” environment.


In addition to owning Tucson Doulas, Angela is a labor doula, postpartum & infant care and infant feeding specialist trainer, national conference speaker, and travels to New York as the Director of Research and Development for an international doula training organization.

Angela’s Professional Experience and Training

Professional Achievements:
Labor Doula Trainer
Postpartum & Infant Care Trainer
Infant Feeding Specialist Trainer’s Trainer
National Conference Speaker
Contributor – Embodied Resistance: Doula Assisted Childbirth Helping Her Birth Her Way
Director of Research & Development – ProDoula
Doula, Childbirth Education & Infant Feeding Curriculum Writer, and Developer

Birth Doula – DONA International (1999-2015)
Breastfeeding Counselor – Central Arizona College (2002-Present)
Childbirth Educator – CAPPA – (2004-Present)
Birth Doula – CAPPA – (2014-Present)
Labor Doula – ProDoula – (2015-Present)
Certified Childbirth Educator – (2016-Present)
Postpartum & Infant Care Doula – (2017-Present)
Infant Feeding Specialist (2018- Present)
Certified Labor Doula Trainer – ProDoula (2016-Present)
Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Trainer (2017-Present)
Certified Infant Feeding Specialist Trainer – ProDoula (2018-Present)

Workshops and Training Courses:
1998 – DONA Birth Doula Training
1999 – Rebozo for Doulas Training2002 – Some Babies Die: Working with Grief and Bereavement Training
2002 – 11th Annual Labor of Love Conference – Labor Support: Empowering Yourself and Others.
2003 – Arizona Infant Adoption Awareness Training Program
2003 – Warm Footbath and Massage Workshop
2003 – 9th Annual DONA International Conference
2003 – CAPPA Childbirth Educator Training/Certification
2004 – Creating Availability for Healthy Attachment in At-Risk Parents Training
2006 – Acupressure/Jin Shin Jyutusu for Birth Training
2006 – DONA International Birth Doula Workshop
2007 – Happiest Baby Educator Certification Program
2007 – Lamaze International Conference
2008 – CAPPA Annual Childbirth Conference
2008 – 2nd Annual AABC Birth Institute: What’s Optimal Conference

2010 – 16th Annual DONA International Conference
2010 – Rebozo for Labor and Birth Workshop
2010 – TENS for Labor Certification
2011 – What They Didn’t Teach You About Breastfeeding . . . Dr. Jack Newman Conference
2012 – Woman Behind the Breasts Workshop
2012 – Arizona American Indian Maternal & Child Wellness Forum
2012 – Preventing Preterm Birth: Progress and Persistent Challenges Conference
2013 – 19th Annual DONA International Conference
2013 – GOLD Lactation Conference Delegate
2014 – Integrating Acupressure into Your Doula Practice for Pregnancy and Labor Support
2014 – Integrating Acupressure into Your Doula Practice for Postpartum Support
2014 – Strong Families: First Things First Conference
2015 – Postpartum Depression and Psychosis Screening
2015 – ProDoula Instilling Strength Conference (Speaker)
2016 – ProDoula Share the Vision Conference
2016 – Kangaroo Mother Care Conference
2017 – ProDoula Conference (Speaker)
2018 – ProDoula Conference (Speaker)
2021 – Instructor – Labor Doula Masterclass