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**COVID-19 UPDATE: Your Tucson Doulas are providing in-person labor support at the following facilities: Tucson Medical Center, The Midwifery Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Banner, and Babymoon Inn. 

We continue to offer both in-person and virtual, live one-on-one childbirth education classes.

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The one size fits all approach to learning about pregnancy and birth is a thing of the past. Learn what you want to know most from the comfort of your own home with our private childbirth education classes.



“We loved having our childbirth classes in our home. We picked out the topics that were most important to us and our childbirth educator was so knowledgeable about the options available to us at TMC.” B.



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Labor & Birth

Here at Tucson Doulas, we understand that birth is unique to each family we serve. This is why it is our philosophy to provide non-judgmental support to every family we work with.

Tucson baby care


“It was wonderful to have someone by our side the whole time since nurses come and go. I know some people think a doula “replaces” the husband/partner during labor, but that is so not true! We both felt comforted by having someone reassure us that yes, things are progressing normally. I would highly recommend Tucson Doulas for labor, even if it isn’t the first pregnancy.” T.



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Placenta Encapsulation

Our placenta encapsulation services are provided by Tucson’s only certified professional postpartum placenta specialists. While your specialist is in your home they are available to offer support and are happy to answer the questions you may have about your recovery or the care of your baby.

tucson placenta encapsulation

“I decided to use Tucson Doulas for placenta encapsulation, and it was such a great experience! It was so much more than someone simply taking my placenta and making capsules out of it. Our specialist was very knowledgeable and truly enjoyed educating us on the entire process. She explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it. She even allowed me to take pictures during the process, which I thought was really neat. She definitely made me feel more at ease with being a new parent, and she was so patient with all of our baby care and breastfeeding questions. I would definitely recommend Tucson Doulas to my friends/family!” K.


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Life With Your Newborn

Your postpartum doula helps you navigate twists and turns of welcoming a new baby from an unbiased, non-judgmental point of view. We bring experience, knowledge and vast resources to the table to help you feel confident, heard, understood and most of all supported and validated.

“I was very worried that having someone come to help meant that I was a failure and that I couldn’t do this on my own. My experience proved that to be completely false. Having our doula come to help after birth was truly an amazing experience! Before she came I had many struggles that I was dealing with and felt like I was on my own in those challenges. When she came she taught me so much about how to work through those tough spots and spoke of the importance of self-care during this time as well. Our lives were drastically improved after she helped us. I wish that every family had the opportunity to receive such invaluable help.”


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Our comprehensive team approach allows our clients to find everything they are looking for in one place. The ultimate in quality, convenience, and personalized complimentary care for your growing family.

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