At Tucson Doulas, we have one primary mission: To foster and support the empowerment of women and families in Tucson.

We do this in a number of ways through the services we offer, the jobs we create, the education we provide, and giving back to our community.  We desire nothing more than to see women thrive and this focus is central to our vision as a company.  The work we do with Tucson Doulas allows us to support the efforts of our future non-profit, Desert Doulas.

Desert Doulas is a long-standing pillar in the Tucson birth community and has been known as a respected resource for families seeking prenatal, birth, and postpartum support beyond what is provided by local healthcare providers.  Historically Desert Doulas has been able to serve women in our community who otherwise would be unable to afford our normal fees.  Our initial goal is to fuel Desert Doulas as a non-profit in order to provide regular/consistent childbirth education and doula services to the large refugee population in Tucson.  We have one of the largest refugee populations in the country, and these families have very specific needs which are currently not being fully met in regards to prenatal education and birth/postpartum doula support.  It is not uncommon for these women to have little or no understanding of the U.S. maternity care system, and often they have very little in the way of financial and familial support as they have fled their own countries to escape war and violence.  To be able to provide consistent support, education, guidance, and reassurance is truly a gift.

Our larger vision includes expanding these services to teen mothers and other underserved populations in need of the type of specialized support we offer as our resources become more available.  We love that Tucson Doulas is able to pay our doulas a living wage while setting aside financial resources that also benefit the greater community.  This passion drives everything we do, and we thank you for your shared love of Tucson women and families!