How Do I Decide What Is Best For My Baby?

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I once read an article that said that the average person makes almost 35,000 decisions a day.

Shocking, right? What isn’t shocking is knowing that there are so many factors that influence our daily decisions. So many factors that there is a very real phenomena called decision fatigue. This can result in overwhelming feelings when a decision needs to be made. Some people find it easier when they need to make a decision for other people vs themselves. However, it is my experience that this isn’t always true when trying to make the best decision for their baby.

Decisions like swaddling, pacifier use, sleep, diapers, diaper creams, ect; these are the decisions that new parents are faced with everyday. Decisions that seem like they should be simple to make, but they can be quite complex. 

How about the decisions that can impact the baby more deeply such as vaccinations, circumcision, and infant feeding choices? These decisions often come with lots of opinions and judgements from friends and family.

They also come with a heaping side of societal pressures.

Regardless of the decision new parents are making for their babies, they often come with worries, controversy, and self-doubt. This leaves very little room for confidence building, and those brilliant, gut reaction, decision making skills that often get ignored.

As doulas, we act as a buffer when you have to make these choices. We are your sounding board. Providing you a safe space to explore how these decisions will impact you and your baby. If you want to explore options, we’ve got you. If you want to run down the benefits, risks and explore the alternatives, we are your person.

Free from judgment and bias.

As doulas, we are experts on slowing things down. We have mastered the art of creating space for you to build your confidence as a parent. It’s second nature to us to approach these decisions to help build that confidence.  Affirming that you are making the right choices when it comes to the well-being of your baby is what we do best.

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