10 Things To Do When You’re 40+ Weeks Pregnant in Tucson, AZ

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Are you pregnant?  Really pregnant?

We know it can be tough to find something to do as your due date comes and goes, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite ways to pass the time when you’re 40+ weeks pregnant in Tucson.  With summer fast approaching, options for outdoor activities might be slim, but there are plenty of other things to do while you’re waiting for your little one to make his or her appearance!


tucson zoo pregnant1. Take a walk on the wild side.

Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo is a family-fun activity that will get you up and active and out of the house.  We recommend going earlier in the morning as the temperatures start rising outside, but there are plenty of shady spots to get out of the sun, nice benches to take a rest, and shops/stands to grab some snacks and refreshments.

Be sure to pack lots of water and high-protein snacks as you enjoy all of the animals and activities.  Tucson’s zoo is just the right size for those final days/weeks of pregnancy.  You can be in and out in 2-3 hours.  If you’re still feeling up to it, the park right next door is gorgeous.  Park yourself on the grass under a shady tree and watch the breeze blow over the pond, or bring a cooler and grill out at one of the many BBQ spots.  You won’t regret spending the day in nature, getting fresh air, and getting that heart pumping with some light strolling and activity.


2. Head in for an adjustment.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is not just good for easing all of those late-pregnancy pains away, but it can help prepare your body for labor!  Dr Emil Tompkins is a skilled prenatal chiropractor and even offers the Webster technique for expectant moms.  In addition to prenatal care, Dr Tompkins also provides whole-family chiropractic care, so take the whole family in for an adjustment while you’re at it.


tea3. Sit down for a cup of tea with an old friend.

The Scented Leaf Teahouse is a local Tucson treasure in my opinion, and pregnant or not this is a great place to hang out with a friend or a good book.  Not only do you have dozens of delicious teas to choose from, but they have healthy, nutritious food if you’re in the mood for more than tea.  This modern tea room is sure to keep your mind off the fact that you are still very, very pregnant.


4. Enjoy a relaxing massage.

Who appreciates a great massage more than a pregnant woman?  Nobody!  Why not enjoy a relaxing massage from the best prenatal massage therapists in town?  Tucson Doulas offers prenatal massage that is certain to leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated!


5. Stretch and breathe.

Yoga is an excellent way to get your mind focused, and your body stretched and relaxed.  While you’re waiting for your baby to arrive, consider contacting Bonnie Golden for a class or two.  Tucson Yoga also offers prenatal yoga classes.  They recommend taking their Gentle Yoga class if you’ve never tried prenatal yoga before, so be sure to check out their schedule and see when you can join a class!

dance tucson6. Dance that baby on out.

Dance is a fun way to get your body moving, and maybe even get your labor moving!  The Movement Shala is one of those places you will never forget.  They offer a variety of classes ranging from beginning to expert, and it’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you step foot into one of their classes.  You leave each class feeling invigorated, beautiful, and inspired.  Check out this awesome project Jade, owner of The Movement Shala, has going on right now: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/you-are-beautiful-global-women-s-media-platform/x/6962722.


7. Capture these final moments forever.

Even though it may feel like these last days and weeks will go on forever, they won’t.  Very soon you’ll be on to the next season in your life.  Jade Beall Photography captures these precious moments in her artistic, intense, beautiful, awe-inspiring photographs.  Amber at Amber Lea Photography is one of those photographers that I would pay any amount of money to have behind a camera, catching my family’s most intimate and extraordinary moments.  Her maternity photos and birth photography will leave you breathless.


8. Get poked and prodded.

Okay, that doesn’t sound like much fun, but I’m talking about acupuncture.  Leslie McGee is an acupuncturist here in town that I have referred several clients to because she specializes in women and fertility/GYN care.  She has a million credentials and professional accomplishments, but that’s not why I refer to her.  She has one of those spirits that instantly eases a person, and I know she’ll take good care of my clients.  With gentle treatments so relaxing, you’ll probably fall asleep in her office, you can’t go wrong.


9. Fore!

Tucson has several golf courses, many of which attract professional golfers from around the world.  Ventana Canyon offers a great golfing experience, and if you find that you’re not up to swinging an iron for a whole course, you can always head to their Practice Facility.  Then, when you’re done, you can grab lunch at one of their fine restaurants. Or take an afternoon hike on their trail.  Just be sure to pack lots of water and sunscreen if you’re planning to stay outdoors for very long in these spring/summer months.


stars pregnant tucson10. Look at the stars.

Did you know that Tucson has a state of the art planetarium and science center?  Well if you didn’t, now you do.  The Flandrau Science Center at the University of Arizona doesn’t just give you a stunning view of our planet’s night sky. It also houses one of the largest mineral collections in the world.  Beat the heat and head in for an experience you won’t forget.





I’m sure there are countless other great ways to pass the time in Tucson. Especially when you’re approaching or passing your due date during pregnancy.  Just because it didn’t make this list doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome!  What are some of your favorite things to do around town?  Do you like to take in a show at Centennial Hall?  Or follow your favorite Tucson food truck to wherever they’re parked for the day?  Do you like the summer fun at Breakers Waterpark, or do you prefer something indoors like Rocks and Ropes?  Are you a local business that offers great activities for pregnant moms and their families?  If so, we’d love to hear from you so we can pass you along to our clients and friends.  Leave a comment, and maybe we’ll feature your favorite place in an upcoming blog





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