prenatal massage tucsonOne of the best ways to relax and enjoy pregnancy more is through prenatal massage.  Massage is an enjoyable way to promote a healthy pregnancy and overall well-being while relieving some of the common pregnancy discomforts such as back aches, headaches, sleepiness, hip pain, pressure on joints, and edema.  Tucson Doulas staffs the most exceptional licensed massage therapists in Tucson.  Each of our therapists specializes in prenatal massage and is committed to ongoing trainings and classes to learn the best techniques for supporting our pregnant and postpartum clients.

For just $100 your massage therapist will discuss your unique needs and preferences before providing you with specialized prenatal massage therapy.  Each session is 75 minutes in length so that you can be truly pampered, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Schedule your first session with one of our amazing massage therapists and experience first-hand why people say we are the best!