Should I Take A Childbirth Class?

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Your family is growing! During early pregnancy, taking a childbirth class may not be on the top of your “must do” list. However, as your due date grows closer you may start to feel the pull of more information, options and most of all, support.

When looking to prioritize what task to tackle next, it’s easy for childbirth education to get pushed down the list. But one thing is for certain, your due date is fast approaching. Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should book your childbirth classes today!

  1. Learn about the changes that your body will undergo before and during the labor process.

    • One of the most common questions that growing families have is, “How will I know when it’s time?” You’re worried that you may have a false alarm. Or worse, you might wait too long before heading to your birth location. Learning about the changes that happen as your body begins labor helps you feel more confident in navigating when it’s time to head to your birth location.
  2. Know what to really expect during labor.

    • The media shows labor as this rapid process that starts with a bang and finishes with a grand flourish of sweat, tears and screaming. However, that is often far from the reality for most growing families. Labor and birth happen in stages. While the timing of these stages may vary from person to person, the progression of physical and emotional changes typically remains the same. Childbirth classes will help provide you with knowledge and tools to confidently navigate the stages of labor.
  3. Understand the medical routines of labor and birth.

    • If you choose to deliver in the hospital, a birth center or at home with a midwife, there are certain medical tasks that are a common part of the labor and birth process.  From monitoring your baby to checking your dilation childbirth education classes will help you learn about the common procedures and interventions that may be involved in your birth. Learning about these options before your big day will allow you to decide which procedures and interventions you are comfortable with and which ones you would prefer to avoid.
  4. Get help with developing your birth plan.

    • Once you learn about your options, it’s time to document your vision for your ideal birth. A birth plan or birth preference list will help you discuss your preferences with your provider and those who care for you during labor. Your childbirth educator is familiar with the common procedures and interventions at your chosen birth location and will help you create your birth plan with these options in mind.
  5. Prepare your partner for their role in your baby’s birth.

    • Partners can often feel uncertain about how to best support you during the labor and birth process. They can feel a lot of pressure and uncertainty about “doing it right.” Knowledge is power and information provides options. Childbirth classes can teach your partner the most effective ways to bring comfort and give support during your birth process.

Here at Tucson & Sierra Vista Doulas, we understand that time is precious. That’s why we offer customized options that fit into your busy schedule. We provide the information that is most important to you, in the comfort of your own home.

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