Postpartum Depression – Our Professional Philosophy

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Here at Tucson Doulas, we have a combined 30 years and thousands of hours of experience of working with postpartum families through one of life’s major transitions. Having a baby.

After birth support in tucson

In supporting hundreds of families after birth we have learned that there are many paths to the same destination. After birth recovery.
It’s not uncommon for families to encounter obstacles to their post-birth recovery. For some, it is a birth-related injury. For others, it may be struggling with mental health. The most common obstacle is a lack of sleep and self-care.
Our experience has taught us that there many tools available to help families come out the other side of the darkness that is postpartum mood disorders.
Exercise. Nutrition. Support. Therapy. Medication.
As postpartum doulas, we recognize that we are not qualified to tell any individual which approach is right or best for them. There is no place for blanket statements in our work with families. 

Our Mission

Our speciality is support. Support for our client’s choices.
To be an unbiased, non-judgmental sounding board.
To create a safe place for our clients to be vulnerable as they explore the recovery options best suited to their unique needs.

Our Promise To You

We will:
  • walk with you
  • help you with self-care
  • help you with meal preparation
  • be your source of unbiased, nonjudgmental support
  • help you get to and from your therapy appointments
  • support your choice to use medication when you have decided it is the best option for you
    • Be it a temporary tool or your short or long term solution. No judgment

As a parent, you will encounter a lot of judgment and unwanted opinions as you navigate life with your new baby.

Get off on the right foot by choosing a postpartum doula that is compassionate, supportive, unbiased and free from personal judgment or opinions that speak against your preferences or choices.

Accept nothing less.

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