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Doula Support During COVID-19

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The ever-changing landscape that is a result of COVID-19 has left many families feeling fearful and unsupported. Here at Tucson Doulas, we remain committed to supporting growing families. Especially through the twists and turns that COVID19 has created for their birth plans.  Recently a client reached out and asked that we share their experience with the doula support they received from Tucson Doulas. This is their story.

“My name is Shaylor.
My wife, Devin, and I used your service for our daughter Petra Marie who was born on 4/5/2020. Mona was our Doula for the birth.

I am sending you this email to comment on the awesome experience that we had with Mona even though we were only able to utilize her via Facetime.

My wife and I were initially very skeptical about the usefulness of having a doula helping us remotely, but we were confident in the relationship we had built with her and wanted someone to help us navigate the birth of our first child.

Our doula was incredible during my wife’s 42 hour labor. She stayed online with us via Facetime throughout the time we were in the hospital.

Due to the situations surrounding the birth, our entire birth plan changed, but Mona was able to help us understand the different decisions that we had to make. She asked incredible questions and gave awesome recommendations of things that we could try.

She really helped us feel confident as we made decisions.

As a husband, I needed Mona’s help emotionally during the birth. There were times that the doctor and the nurse would step out to help other patients and I would be in the room alone with my wife, except I had Mona.

When I was feeling overwhelmed, I knew that there was someone there with me to help me and my wife.

She was truly irreplaceable for me during those times.

In the face of COVID-19, Tucson Doulas adapted incredibly to constant changes and provided truly stellar service to my wife, to me, and to our baby.”

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