When Grandparents Are Overbearing

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Having a baby is a major life event. But so is becoming a grandparent.

This experience is often filled with joy and excitement for many families. But things start to get rough when the grandparents feel overbearing to new parents.

Advice and feedback from most grandparents is typically well-intentioned.  Yet the discussions and opinions surrounding infant care is often the biggest source of tension between new parents and grandparents.

To some degree it’s understandable. Our parents are proud of the children they’ve raised. They see the bright, intelligent, and passionate people we’ve become. We see their pride. They made that! So it’s logical that they feel that they did their best in raising us. They kept us safe.

So why wouldn’t the choices they made for us be good choices for their precious new grandbabies?

And this is where things can get sticky.

As parents, we feel judged when someone questions our choices. Right?

Don’t they trust that we are doing the best for our baby?

Don’t they realize how carefully we considered each decision?

Why are they telling us that we are doing this or that wrong?

This is often the silent and sometimes not so silent struggle between parents and grandparents.

Here’s what I can tell you after raising two children with the help of their grandparents.

Almost always, our parents are well-intentioned. They want what is best for their grandchildren just as much as we do as parents.

Here’s the secret kicker…

They feel judged and inadequate too.

The most common points of contention between parents and grandparents are often centered around infant care practices. As new parents, we consume information about the most up-to-date practices surrounding what is best for our babies. Let’s face it, a lot has changed since we were babies.

While grandparent’s want to do what’s best, they may not realize what has changed since you were a baby, and more importantly, why.

Our solution here at Tucson & Sierra Vista Doulas is our Informed Grandparent’s Class.

Why take a grandparents class?

Health and safety recommendations are ever evolving and many things may have changed since our parents raised us. These changes can be a source of tension and disagreement between grandparents and their children.

Lack of effective communication and the human tendency to feel like what you did wasn’t “good enough” when your adult child tells you things are different in today’s world, can be a source of ongoing tension.

The Informed Grandparents class allows grandparents to become current with today’s safety recommendations and allows for myths to be dispelled in a non-threatening, engaging, fun and interactive environment.  Judgment free!

Where are the classes held?

We offer two options for our grandparents class:

  • In the home – When you live in the Tucson or surrounding areas.
  • On the computer – Through the use of video chats in our virtual classroom.

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