5 Common Doula Myths Debunked

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If you know what a doula is, you’ve likely heard some of the common myths about what a doula is and what a doula does.

Even though doulas may have different training and experience, there are a few doula basics that are typically the same across the board.  We’ve picked the top five common doula myths we hear most often and debunk them for you below!

5. Only women who want a natural birth hire a doula.

Fact: As doulas, we support all approaches to birth. Our clients hire us for natural births, inductions, medicated births as well as scheduled cesarean births! Your Tucson Doulas have the training and experience to support you regardless of the type of birth you choose!
We understand that your desires for your birth are as unique as you are. It is our goal to offer 100% non-judgmental support, no matter the choices our clients make!

4. Doulas dislike doctors and hospitals.

Fact: As doulas, we have a deep respect for your care provider and the relationship you’ve built with them. We have worked hard to build and maintain positive relationships with the obstetrical care providers in Tucson, and as a result we take great pride to work with your care provider to enhance your experience!
We believe wholeheartedly that a healthy mom and baby means more than just physical health. In addition, your physical health is equally as important as your mental health.
Our goal is to not only to ensure that you feel supported but also strong and safe in every way.

3. There is no point in hiring a doula if I’m planning a cesarean birth.

Fact: We support a number of families each year through scheduled cesarean birth. As a result, our doulas are  able to provide the same support during a scheduled cesarean birth as we would with a vaginal birth. Cesarean births are still births! Therefore, you can enjoy our support before, during and after the birth of your baby, even by cesarean.
In addition to labor support, our postpartum doulas are experts at helping your family settle in at home after a cesarean birth.

2. Doulas are the same as midwives.

Fact: Doulas are not midwives. Our role is physical, informational, and emotional support. Doulas do not perform clinical tasks, or deliver the baby. Our focus is on your comfort, providing you information along the way and the ultimate goal of a healthy mind and a healthy bond. Together with your midwife, we work towards helping your achieve the best outcome possible giving the circumstances.

1. Since my partner is so supportive, I do not need a doula.

Fact: Having a supportive partner is AWESOME! Your doula can help to enhance your partner’s ability to support and comfort you before, during and after the birth of your baby.  We can help your partner become even more involved and confident in their ability to nurture you during your pregnancy and birth.
In addition to helping your partner care for you.  Your doula is especially helpful in allowing your partner to also focus on self care during labor and birth. All things considered, labor can be long, unpredictable and emotionally taxing on your partner. Having the support of a doula will allow your partner to step out for a breath of fresh air, run to the bathroom or hydrate and fuel their body with food.  Being able to leave your side for brief moments knowing that you are fully supported in your doula’s capable hands.

Still have questions?

Your first step is to call or email us today. We would love to help you learn more about our doulas, our services and the benefits of hiring Tucson Doulas. 


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