CenteringParenting Comes to El Rio Birth Center

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Comes to El Rio Birth and Women’s Health Center


“It makes us feel as if we’re not alone. A lot of times we think,

‘I’m the only one going through this’,

but then you go to group and you’re like,

‘Oh, I’m not the only one.’”

CenteringParenting Parent


Scene 1 Traditional Care:

There’s a rush to get your little one ready to leave the house for a well-child doctor visit. Just as you’re ready to walk out the door, baby spits up or has a diaper blow-out. You attend to that and finally get to the office to find there’s going to be a wait.

Baby, of course, is hungry by this time and you’ve just got breastfeeding going when you get called back to the exam room. There’s another wait-then the provider comes in and seems hurried, you don’t get all your questions answered.

You leave feeling frustrated, rushed, unheard and baby is very hungry.

Image: Centering Healthcare Institute

Scene 2 CenteringParenting:

A group of parents with their 3-4 month-old babies sit in a circle in a large, comfortable room talking about what’s happening with their little ones this month. A facilitator helps guide the conversation and provides input, along with all the other parents.

The doctor is in a quiet corner of the room doing a one-on-one baby physical assessment and talking with mom about any concerns she might have. If the doctor thinks some of the questions might ring true for other parents she recommends they be brought to the group for discussion.

This experience of talking over issues helps strengthen the parents’ self-confidence in finding their own answers. When the physical assessments are completed the provider also joins the circle as a member, not the leader.

Which seems a better fit for you?

Image: Centering Healthcare Institute

At the El Rio Birth & Women’s Health Center (ERBWHC) it’s our goal to keep you and your family at the center of care. Centering helps us reach that goal. During the 2 hours of a CenteringParenting meeting, through discussion or activities, the group will cover growth and development, nutrition, attachment, safe sleep, breastfeeding, early literacy, and safety.

Parents will also get information about wellness, self-care, nutrition, birthspacing, mindfulness, and family dynamics.

The health of family members is interconnected; CenteringParenting recognizes that and addresses issues that affect the family unit.

CenteringParenting was developed by Sharon Rising, CNM, based on her successful CenteringPregnancy model (also available at ERBWHC) and has 3 components: healthcare, interactive learning, and community building.

Being a new parent can be lonely and having this groupcare, which includes not only healthcare but also the caring that develops within the group, can help relieve that loneliness. Research indicates that CenteringParenting also results in better care and better health outcomes. Other practical advantages of the Centering model-you get 2 hours with a provider, Centering meetings will always start on time and end on time, you make new friends, your baby makes friends and there are snacks!

We know that babies are unpredictable, you may be running late due to a last minute spit-up or need for a feeding.

Take a breath, it’s OK, just call or text us so we don’t worry. Drive safely and join the group a bit late if you have to, we’ll save a place for you.

Our CenteringParenting provider is Dr. Carolyn Quigley, a Family Practice physician. If you join CenteringParenting she will be your baby’s doctor and she can also be your family’s doctor. She enjoys being able to care for the whole family unit. Dr. Quigley recognizes the importance of breastfeeding and will work with you in meeting your breastfeeding goals.

Image: Centering Healthcare Institute

Another member of the ERBWHC will also be a member/co-facilitator of your CenteringParenting group.

CenteringParenting meetings follow the AAP well-child care schedule.

El Rio Birth and Women’s Health Center has a new CenteringParenting group starting in August.

If you’re having a baby in July or August and would like to be a part of that group, call 795-9912 and ask questions or you can email me at We’ll have other groups starting around the calendar.

Also, follow us on Facebook: page and group and our Saturday Baby Love Group






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