Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations for You

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Affirmation – something declared to be true.

Affirmations are often used to develop and enhance the mind/body connections.  Pregnancy and birth affirmations are used to help the individual connect their beliefs to the physical process. For some, affirmations may focus on having a positive pregnancy.  Others may focus on the goal of a positive birth experience
Clients often ask us to recommend affirmations for them to use during pregnancy and birth.  We’ve compiled a few of our favorites below. Our list differs a little from others as we break affirmations down into 4 categories: The Body, The Baby, The Birth and The Recovery.  These are the 4 pillars for pregnancy and birth.
With the ups and downs of pregnancy comes fluctuations in emotions that can leave you feeling less than positive about your changing body and fluctuating hormones.
Thoughts about the birth can often cause fears to creep in.  Imagining the exhaustion that life with a new baby can bring can feel overwhelming.
Using daily affirmations to help shift your thoughts to the positive can result in a more empowered experience.
Check out the link at the bottom of the page to download a PDF of our affirmations!

Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations

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Tucson Doulas Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations

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Tucson Doulas – Writing Affirmations Worksheet



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