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Your Tucson Doulas are proud to offer the only certified in-home placenta encapsulation and tincture service in southern, Arizona.

Why encapsulate your placenta?

The choice to encapsulate the placenta is growing in both popularity and demand.

At Tucson Doulas, our placenta services are time-tested and Tucson approved!

Those early weeks after your baby is born are typically a mixture of exhausting and wonderful.  As a result, it is common to experience “baby blues” or weepiness as your body adjusts to the drop in pregnancy hormones.

At present, the evidence for the benefits of placentophagy is anecdotal. However, the reports from the many mothers who have chosen to ingest their placenta are overwhelmingly positive.

Some of the reported benefits include:

  • increase in energy
  • decrease in postpartum bleeding (lochia)
  • more stable mood
  • decreased baby blues and postpartum depression
  • increased sense of well-being

How our placenta services are different than others in Tucson:

At Tucson Doulas we take all the uncertainty out of this practice that is just now coming into the “mainstream” here in the United States.

When you choose in-home encapsulation, you keep your placenta with you at all times. As a result, you have no doubts about where it’s been or if the capsules you receive are really yours. You are able to watch the whole process from start to finish if you desire. Most importantly, our specialists leave the workspace cleaner than they found it!

Your highly trained and certified postpartum placenta specialist comes to your home and prepares it there for you.

As new research emerges on the importance of the micro-biome, it is our belief that in your home is the preferred place to prepare your placenta for encapsulation.

Our specialists renew their certifications in bloodborne pathogens and safe food handling each year. Our postpartum placenta specialists must be current and up to date on the rigorous standards of health and safety. Along with the strict training and certification standards our specialists have, you can be assured that the process is done properly at all times.

Pregnant and interested in placenta services?

Interested in placenta services but not sure how to choose?  We believe that there are a few important factors to consider when looking at your options.

  1. When it comes to prioritizing expenses, placenta encapsulation isn’t the time to look for bargains. This is your one chance to make sure that your placenta is encapsulated properly.
  2. When you choose in-home encapsulation you also get the experienced support of your postpartum placenta encapsulation specialist. Your postpartum placenta encapsulation specialist is available during the process to answer common questions about the postpartum period and your recovery.
  3. Due to our agency model, we are able to accommodate last minute placenta encapsulation requests. With on call and in as little as 10 minutes we can secure your placenta encapsulation services, even during labor!

What is your next step? Give us a call or contact us via email to learn more about our in-home encapsulation services and to schedule your encapsulation today!

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