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Two Hands“During my first pregnancy, my birth did not go as smooth as I had liked.  A “sunny side up”  8 lb. 5oz.baby caused my birth to be more painful than I anticipated.  I was more determined than ever to make sure my 2nd baby was born naturally, as my epidural during my first birth caused me side effects I did not like.

Additionally, my husband and I don’t have any family in town so we were worried about what to do during my 2nd delivery with our 2 year old son.

I contacted Angela, and spoke to her many times before meeting her. She was always so relaxed, knowledgeable, and flexible. 

We would often talk after my son had gone to sleep.  After meeting Angela, I knew I needed her there during my birth.  She exposed me to so many different facets of pregnancy and childbirth that my OB had never even mentioned.  I was concerned about having another “sunny side up” baby.

She guided me through different techniques that sometimes help with this.  Just weeks before my baby was born, Angela was able to provide a TENS machine to me.  I practiced with this TENS machine prior to my labor, but I had no idea how wonderful this little machine would be.

I clearly remember the morning I went into labor.  We were scheduled to visit the newest Fire House with my 2 year old son.  I spoke with Angela multiple times throughout the morning.  Later that day she met me at the hospital around 7pm with my TENS unit on the highest setting.  While laboring in Triage, I progressed very fast.

I remember Angela reassuring me of my choice to not use pain medication.

In fact, I had progressed so fast that pain medications weren’t even an option.  I remember the nurse telling me I was only 8cm dilated, when in fact I was 10 cm and ready to push.  They barely got me into a L & D room when the doctor walked in and I pushed a beautiful 7lb. 14oz. baby girl out.

Angela was my support.  She reassured me of all my decisions.  She helped me welcome by baby girl into the world.  We don’t know what we would have done without her there. 

I encourage friends to consider a doula as a part of their birth plan.  Angela was able to stay with me at the hospital to help me get breastfeeding started, which was wonderful.

It is always nice to have someone there just for you.  She was able to focus entirely on me and the baby.

Thank you Angela!!”


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