Breast Is Best

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We see the slogan everywhere we look, breast is best but is it really?
At its core, the Breast is Best campaign is a shotgun approach at public health. A one size fits all approach to infant health. An approach that we know doesn’t work. It fails to take into account the mental, physical, economical and cultural hurdles of the individuals to whom the lactating breasts belong.
It’s also a slogan that is used as a weapon by some lactation professionals and others who breastfeed. Think “mommy wars”. The insinuation is that if you’re a “good parent” of course you will breastfeed to the recommendations of the campaign. 
The reality is the majority of breastfeeding individuals who work neebreast is bestd to go back to work well before the 6-month mark. Exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months is not an obtainable goal. We assume that those who are breastfeeding will have access to quality pumps that will help them express milk. We assume they will be able to sustain a supply that will feed their babies breastmilk vs formula until a year.
This is an insidious form of financial privilege that the “Breast is best” campaign ignores.

What we need and what we here at Tucson Doulas provide are individualized feeding plans. A plan that fit a family’s unique circumstances. Because any breastfeeding is beneficial.


We need (and we provide) assistance with setting obtainable short and long term feeding goals.
As my friend Madeleine Morris says:

“But it would be far more beneficial for mothers, who instead of feeling stressed about reaching a one-size-fits-all target could actually feel proud when they meet their individually tailored goal. It would be beneficial for babies, who are deeply attuned to their mother’s physical and mental state. Heck, it might even increase breastfeeding rates, as mothers become less stressed about doing this one thing that has been built up to be the biggest single marker of whether we are good parents or not.”

As lactation professionals, we acknowledge that breastmilk is the optimal food for babies.
We also understand that the physical and mental health and ability of the person who is breastfeeding are equally as important.
Our #1 priority has been and will always be helping our clients identify and achieve their goals.  

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