Tucson Placenta Encapsulation

Many families choose placenta encapsulation to help aid in a smoother postpartum transition.  

The first weeks after birth are often as exhausting as they are beautiful. Yet it’s still common to experience “baby blues” or weepiness as your body adjusts to the drop in pregnancy hormones.  While we don’t have any quality human studies on the benefits of placenta encapsulation, there are many animal studies show the benefits of placental consumption in mammals.

For the time being, the evidence for the benefits of placentophagy is anecdotal. However, the reports from the many moms who have ingested their placentas are overwhelmingly positive.

Some of the reported benefits include:

  • increased energy
  • decreased postpartum bleeding
  • more stable mood
  • a decrease in the incidence of baby blues
  • a decrease in the incidence of postpartum depression
  • improvement in the overall sense of well-being

With Tucson Doulas we take all the uncertainty out of this practice that has become “mainstream” here in the United States.

In-Home placenta encapsulation services are provided by Tucson’s only certified professional postpartum placenta specialists.

You keep your placenta with you at all times so you have no doubts about where it’s been. Our highly trained and certified specialist comes to your home and prepares it there for you.  With recent microbiome research, we believe this is the safest place to prepare you r placenta. When necessary, we are happy to accommodate our clients.  If you prefer the specialist can prepare and process your placenta in their own designated space.

In addition to current certification, we require our specialists to renew their certifications in blood borne pathogens and safe food handling annually. Your specialist is current and up to date on the rigorous standards of health and safety required to ensure that the process is done properly at all times.

For an investment of $275 you will have a certified postpartum placenta specialist come to your home and prepare your placenta for encapsulation.  They will visit with you to explain the process. Once the encapsulation begins, you may have as much (or as little) involvement as you wish.  They are happy to explain to you what they are doing, and why, and leave you with detailed instructions for use.  If you opt for a tincture as well (for a total investment of $325), your specialist will get it started and provide all of the supplies you will need (along with easy instructions) to complete the tincture in 6 weeks.

In addition to capsules and tincture, clients may also add a placenta print ($20) to placenta encapsulation services.

While your specialist is in your home they are avaiable to offer support and are happy to answer the questions you may have about your recovery or the care of your baby.

Be sure to add placenta encapsulation to your post-birth recovery plan!