This package is an exciting and convenient service for the mom who would love a go-to person during pregnancy and immediately postpartum, but who does not desire the in-person labor support.  Many moms love having the informational and emotional support of a doula, or a person to process decisions with during labor/birth, but would rather have just a select few people in the birth room itself.  Since we are using modern technology (phone, text, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime) to conduct meetings and provide birth support, you don’t even have to be local to us, or anywhere near Tucson, AZ to benefit from the excellent care and support of our doulas!

For just $700 your doula will be available to you during business hours (9am-9pm Arizona time) for your entire pregnancy to answer questions, offer encouragement, and provide guidance.  You will schedule up to 2 prenatal visits with your doula to go over birth preferences, to process fears/concerns, learn ways your partner can support you, and to ask questions.  As your due date approaches she is available 24/7 in anticipation of your baby’s birth.  Utilize your doula’s support as little or as much as you would like during labor via phone, text, or video chat, and know that she is just a phone call or click of a mouse away.