Desert Blossom Women’s Care – Tucson’s New Midwifery Practice

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Tucson’s Newest Midwifery Practice: Desert Blossom Women’s Care
Guest Blog by Tricia Nast CNM

midwife-in-tucsonHello, Tucson! My name is Tricia Nast and I am excited to announce that my partner Becky Rivera and I have joined Desert Blossom Women’s Care as certified nurse-midwives. Already a successful midwifery practice in Sierra Vista, we have brought the same high-quality care to women and families in Tucson.

Our goal as midwives is to offer personalized, respectful, evidence-based care to each woman we serve.

Generally speaking, people usually assume that midwives are only for women who want a natural birth. While we love to help women achieve unmedicated, low-intervention births, we are more than happy to care for women who desire an epidural, or even a planned repeat cesarean section.

In addition to maternity care, we offer a full range of gynecologic services, including annual well-woman care, Pap smears, birth control, menopause, and adolescent health care. We accept a full range of health insurances, including AHCCCS plans, and offer a reasonable cash pay price for those without insurance.

Desert Blossom Women’s Care offers a unique approach to healthcare for pregnant women of Tucson.

In partnership with Valley Perinatal Services, we follow a collaborative model of care to provide the best outcomes for women and babies. Our midwives lead the care, and perinatologists (high-risk obstetricians) are available for consultation and collaboration when appropriate. This means we can serve women who may otherwise be “risked out” by another provider, including women of advanced maternal age, twin pregnancies, and gestational diabetes, among others. We are very supportive of women desiring VBAC and VBA2C.

We also offer state of the art in-house ultrasound for client convenience and welcome your other children and family to attend your prenatal visits. While we do not offer homebirth services, we work closely with the homebirth community to facilitate a smooth transition for women who need to transfer from home to the hospital.

Our office schedule is flexible and we offer same day appointments.

We attend births at Carondelet St Joseph’s Hospital, which has an amazing maternity care center. While studying to become a midwife I worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse at St. Joe’s, and I’ve seen firsthand the hospital’s blossoming commitment to midwifery and physiologic birth. The culture at St. Joseph’s is changing for the better, and I am proud to be a part of that change.

St. Joseph’s has provided extra training to staff on supporting women who choose to birth without an epidural and honor the Golden Hour by keeping moms and babies skin to skin to facilitate breastfeeding and bonding.

Most exciting of all, mothers at St. Joe’s can choose to use nitrous oxide during labor! St. Joe’s is the first and only facility in Tucson offering this to moms in labor, and just the third in the state to do so. Nitrous is safe and can be used at any point in the labor process. It is administered completely by the patient, which gives mothers control.

What sets our practice apart is we view your healthcare as a partnership. As certified nurse-midwives, we provide guidance to help you make your own informed decisions. For this reason, we recognize and celebrate that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ model to pregnancy, birth, and women’s healthcare.

To learn more about what we have to offer, visit us at the links below:

Come visit us at 630 N. Alvernon Suite 180
Call 520-276-5500 to schedule an appointment!

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